800 Calorie HCG Diet

The HCG hormone was researched by Dr Simeon’s in the 1950’s when he was studying the causes & cures for Obesity. He found that as this hormone supplemented the fetus with calories from the mother’s body this could be channeled into a way to help people with excessive weight issues. The original
HCG Diet Plan has a very low calorie diet of just 500 calories for a day & there is a list of prohibited & approved foods. Modern research has now found that if the same diet is done with an 800 calorie HCG diet in the maintenance phase (2nd phase) instead of 500 calories then the weight loss is the same when the other conditions of the diet are met. Dieters were found to be losing the same 1-3 lbs daily this way.

 Facts About HCG Diet 800 Calorie Protocol

  •  Dr Simeon’s HCG Diet Plan was explained in three phases, the Loading Phase, the Maintenance phase & the Stabilization phase. This remains the same even with the new change in calorie count.
  • The Loading Phase is for 2 days where the dieter is encouraged to eat all he can of very high calorie foods so that the body starts loading up on the fats with a prescribed dosage of HCG.
  • The Maintenance Phase is between 21-40 days depending on the amount of weight to be lost; here the dieter goes on the low calorie diet.
  • The Stabilization Phase is where the HCG is stopped & the calorie intake slowly increased to up to 1000 calories.

This diet works on the premise that the HCG would start acting on the stored fats & convert them into energy supplementing the calories in the diet. Originally the protocol required just a 500 calorie diet a day which if not done under expert supervision could & did lead to side effects as meals had to be carefully balanced to supply the body with the right nutrients. From a 500 calorie strict diet the stabilization phase allowed the calorie count to increase to 800 calories for women & up to a 1000 for men. The diet does require a strict monitoring of food intake. Fats, sugars, alcohol, dairy products, most fruits are all prohibited. Even make up & cosmetics that contain fats are disallowed by the diet. Whole grain products, unrefined salt & oil, natural sweeteners, white fish, lean meats, a variety of vegetables & some fruits are recommended. While the original HCG diet protocol by & large remains unchanged modern science & research allows a slightly more liberal way to this diet. A 300 calorie increase in diet has been found to have the same level of weight loss while making it easier for the dieter to handle the diet. There are healthier substitutes available & also meal replacements available that make the diet easier. A conscious change in eating habits helps to maintain the weight loss. Organic, free range, preservative free food is recommended & the results & benefits of this are soon apparent. But, remember any drastic change in diet will need to be done under expert supervision.